Apply via Webpage

Applicants applying via email not your thing? Every hiring Funnel now comes with a web page you can optionally direct applicants to. Applicant's will be added to your open position just the same as if they'd come in through an email.

Saved Replies

While HireLoop provides a number of features to help save you time they don't always provide enough control. You might find yourself typing out the same common reply to all your applicants, yuck!

Saved Replies help you reduce the monotony and save time. Add a saved reply with your common message, and use it to reply to any future candidate with just a few quick clicks! 🏎

Snooze Un-replied Messages

Usually, an un-replied message indicates that an applicant needs a response from you. In some cases that simply isn't true (you talked to them on the phone, for example), or you want to come back to that message later.

You can now snooze your un-replied messages for a given amount of time (1 hour, day, or week) to hide it until a later date. You can also snooze "forever" which will hide notifications about the un-replied applicant until a new message is received.

Updated Private Note UI

Previously, the messaging UI had a confusing "Private note" checkbox for adding a private note to an application. This has been updated to be more intuitive.

Filter Kanban by label

Are you using labels to keep track of applicant progress? You can now filter you Kanban view by they labels attached to applicants. 👍

Message delivery

For sometime now, HireLoop has supported read receipts, a visual indicator to show when an applicant has read a message you've sent.

As of today, HireLoop will also show when the message was delivered to their inbox. No more uncertainty about an email making it through or not. 💪

Fwd: Fwd: FW: Forward Applicants

Getting applicants into your HireLoop Funnels just got a lot easier!

Already have emails in your Inbox? Forward them to the appropriate HireLoop Funnel email address and they'll be imported automatically.

Maybe you want to accept applications from your own email domain? Simply set up automatic forwarding for an email address ( to a HireLoop Funnel. Your email server and HireLoop will do the rest.

Remembered Kanban Layout

HireLoop will now remember your last Kanban Layout selection.

Better Sorting of Applicants

Sorting your applicant list just got easier. Sort by Active, Newest, and Rating.

Stay organized with Labels

HireLoop helps you keep track of where each applicant is in the hiring process. Some companies might want more detailed control of each applicant at a glance, however.

Labels to the rescue! Create Labels which best fit your hiring process, and apply them to applicant to see them at a glance. Your labels can describe where the applicant is within your interview process, or describe the applicant for your reference later.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely HireLoop will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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