Message delivery

For sometime now, HireLoop has supported read receipts, a visual indicator to show when an applicant has read a message you've sent.

As of today, HireLoop will also show when the message was delivered to their inbox. No more uncertainty about an email making it through or not. 💪

Fwd: Fwd: FW: Forward Applicants

Getting applicants into your HireLoop Funnels just got a lot easier!

Already have emails in your Inbox? Forward them to the appropriate HireLoop Funnel email address and they'll be imported automatically.

Maybe you want to accept applications from your own email domain? Simply set up automatic forwarding for an email address ( to a HireLoop Funnel. Your email server and HireLoop will do the rest.

Remembered Kanban Layout

HireLoop will now remember your last Kanban Layout selection.

Better Sorting of Applicants

Sorting your applicant list just got easier. Sort by Active, Newest, and Rating.

Stay organized with Labels

HireLoop helps you keep track of where each applicant is in the hiring process. Some companies might want more detailed control of each applicant at a glance, however.

Labels to the rescue! Create Labels which best fit your hiring process, and apply them to applicant to see them at a glance. Your labels can describe where the applicant is within your interview process, or describe the applicant for your reference later.

See HireLoop in action with Demos

Sometimes its easier to learn what a product can do by interacting with it.

HireLoop now provides fully functional pre-built positions for evaluation and interaction to see exactly how it works.

Visit to add a demo position to your account!

HireLoop email addresses moved

Instead of cluttering up the position dashboard, information about HireLoop email addresses have been moved strictly under Settings > Channels.

Holistic views of your Hiring with Kanban

Sometimes it's hard to visualize exactly where you're at in your hiring process without viewing it as a whole. HireLoop now provides Kanban views (❤️ Trello of all your applicants!

Where do your best applicants come from?

It's common practice for any business to identify which marketing dollar spent yields the best sales, so why not do the same with your hiring?

HireLoop Funnels to the rescue! Identify which hiring Funnel (job boards, social media, even referrals!) provide the best bang for your hiring buck.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely HireLoop will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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